Key Issues

Armillas-Tiseyra, Magalí

As the history of fascism in the twentieth century makes clear, authoritarianism and dictatorship are by no means problems specific to the Global South.

Kantor, Roanne

“Boom” is a term used to describe the sudden growth in both popularity and perceived literary quality of writing from a particular region within a relatively compressed time frame, usually ranging between one and two decades. 

Esquivel-Suárez, Fernando

The U.S.-led global War on Drugs (WoD) refers to the conflict and violence produced by the enforcement of prohibitionist policies on the manufacture, distribution, and consumption of banned substances commonly known as “illegal drugs."

Lightsey, Louisiana

The problem of how to achieve radical democratic goals within a system that is not conducive to radical democratic principles continues to challenge activists and revolutionaries around the world...

Ancic, Ivana

Truth commissions are temporary bodies tasked by governmental or international agencies to investigate specific periods of human rights abuses and violations of international human rights law...

Shepard, Mathilda

Private military force has played a central role in the long history of human warfare...