Welcome to Global South Studies: A Collective Publication with The Global SouthThis digital platform intends to provide a conceptual mapping of key concepts, moments, thinkers, and issues for the field of Global South Studies and to serve as an online forum for an international and interdisciplinary scholarly community. Contributions from visitors to the site are invited and encouraged. Please send us your calls for papers, announcements, requests to write new entries on key terms and theorists, and join our email listerv. 

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Anne Garland Mahler, University of Virginia
Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra, Penn State University
Leigh Anne Duck, University of Mississippi (Editor, The Global South)

Advisory Editorial Board:
Paul Amar, University of California, Santa Barbara
Deepika Bahri, Emory University
Matthew H. Brown, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kerry Bystrom, Bard College, Berlin
Deborah N. Cohn, Indiana University, Bloomington
Roberto M. Dainotto, Duke University
Ana Dopico, New York University
Gaurav Desai, University of Michigan
Victor Goldgel-Carballo, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Macarena Gómez-Barris, Global South Center, Pratt Institute
Hala Halim, New York University
Waïl S. Hassan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Rosemary Jolly, Penn State University
Sinah Kloss, Global South Studies Center, Cologne
Françoise Lionnet, University of California, Los Angeles
Valérie Loichot, Emory University
Alfred J. López, Purdue University
Claudia Milian, Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South, Duke University
Juan Obarrio, Johns Hopkins University; Programa Sur Global, Universidad Nacional de San Martín
Alexandra Ortiz-Wallner, Humboldt University, Berlin
Monica Popescu, McGill University
Mary Louise Pratt, New York University
Ato Quayson, New York University
Roopika Risam, Salem State University
Shu-mei Shih, University of California, Los Angeles
Joseph Slaughter, Columbia University
Matthew Sparke, University of California, Santa Cruz
Russell West-Pavlov, Literary Cultures of the Global South, Universität Tübingen
Cynthia A. Young, Penn State University