Key Concepts

Sitinga Kachipande

The acronym BRICS comprises the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa which represent the five major emerging economies; that is, the countries in the Global South which had the biggest potential for economic growth.

Christopher L. Ballengee

The concept of “coolitude” provides a creative and discursive framework for remembering and comprehending the dislocation and transformation expressed in the literature, art, music, and other creative work of descendents of indentured workers enme

Thea Riofrancos

Extractivism is a capacious concept. It circulates among academics and activists, across the Global South and North.

Jaime Moreno-Tejada

Moral economies are systems of exchange based on customary practice, which is assumed to be fair and equitable in relation to modern economic behavior. Moral economies are total systems, transcending the economy as it is commonly understood.

Nienke Boer

Indenture — the practice of transporting workers to perform labor in a different part of the world for a fixed period of time in return for passage and wages — is a compelling way of thinking through the links between different parts of the Global South.

J. Daniel Elam

Anticolonialism in the twentieth and twenty-first century refers to two interconnected concepts: a historical event and a critical analytic...

Stacey Balkan

Coastal subsidence, warming ocean temperatures, and rising sea levels have left cities like Miami and Mumbai particularly vulnerable as increased cyclonic activity threatens already compromised urban infrastructures...

Louisiana Lightsey

Biopolitics is a critical term used with some variation across the fields of political theory, international relations, cultural studies, critical sociology, and globalization studies...

Victoria Oana Lupascu

The concept of disposability is intimately connected to the notions of waste and consumption...

Karina Baptista

Environmental crisis, which is coterminous with late capitalism in the 20th and 21st centuries, has unequivocally revealed humanity’s historical locus as that of petromodernity...

Astrid Lorena Ochoa Campo

Differentiated Citizenship is defined as “the granting of special group-based legal or constitutional rights to national minorities and ethnic groups”...

Sarah Rabke

‘Minor Transnationalism’ offers us a conceptual framework for aggregating numerous movements, groups, and discourses that, whether local, regional, or multinational...

Mathilda Shepard

Network Power refers to the power exercised by some social actors over others via rules of inclusion and coordination within networks...